After-Sale Service: Our Commitment To You

Our after-sales service includes a comprehensive warranty, access to spare parts and technical support to ensure that solution provided to you is always operating at its best.

All our bodies come with a full two-year warranty valid throughout Europe (unless stated otherwise). Every customer can be sure to get after-sales support during the warranty period and when it is over.

The warranty of our products covers any defects or malfunctions that might appear during the two-year period starting from invoice date. Carlsen Baltic will supply replacement components, arrange service directly or through our partners, or cover labour and material expenses free of charge during this period. The warranty does not cover equipment which has been damaged due to an accident, misuse, abuse, fire, flood, natural disasters, or other contingencies beyond the control of Carlsen Baltic.

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We supply spare parts for all bodies manufactured by us. We have most of the components in stock and are ready to send them within a few days. Please let us know body number and part number in the Spare Parts Catalog. If the part is not included in the catalog, please provide an accurate description of the part (producer, model, etc.) and, preferably, high-quality photos.

Contact us to order spare parts:
tel.+370 37 407343, email: (Jurgita)

Spare parts catalogue

Carlsen’s bodies require only basic maintenance: mainly cleaning, lubricating, and taking care of refrigerant level.

Maintenance checklist

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We strive to ensure the best after-sales to our customers. Below please find simple algorithm of actions:

In unlikely cases when you discover faulty product, or it gets damaged, or you need assistance to operate the cooling system, etc.

Contact Us
Contact us or our partners providing the following information:

– Body number*

– Accurate description of fault, damage, problem.

– Do you need spare parts/service/consultation?

–  If you only need spare parts: part number in Spare Parts Catalog and delivery address

– Your contact details

Our Service Team or Technical Department will offer you the best solution to eliminate the fault.

You will receive appropriate assistance:

– Spare Parts will be sent

– You will be offered to visit our partners to fix the fault

– Our mobile Service Team will come to fix the fault.

We are happy to provide any help to our customers whenever they operate and for this reason we are building network of service partners in our sales markets. Please click below to find the nearest service partner of Carlsen…

Technical support in different countries

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Freezer solutions

Freezer truck bodies are ideal for ice cream and frozen food distribution. We equip all refrigerated bodies with an eutectic refrigeration system, which is an eco-friendly, reliable and maintenance-free alternative to conventional cooling systems.

Chilled solutions

Fridge bodies are ideal for chilled product distribution. As an expert of frozen cargo bodies for LCVs, Carlsen is successfully exploring new trends in the e-grocery market. We don’t just develop and produce chilled cargo bodies. We help leading grocery businesses build their competitive advantage.

Multi-Temperature solutions

Carlsen offers versatile multi-temperature solutions for combined deliveries, accommodating diverse goods like fresh and frozen products. Compartments include chilled (0°C to +12°C), deep freeze (−33°C to −20°C), and ambient temperature sections, customizable based on customer needs.

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